Your personal concerns are important.
The richness of life brings a variety of consulting needs.
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I have decades of experience in the real estate sector. You benefit from this experience as a buyer, seller, tenant, landlord or property manager. We draft and review contracts for home purchases, apartment purchases, land purchases, establishment and modification of residential property ownership, preparation and examination of property development contracts, rental agreements, assumption of trusteeships. Your life is too unique for a form letter, that is why I prepare every detail to meet your specific needs.

Travel Law

Did your vacation not go as promised?
Was your flight cancelled or delayed?
I have over 30 years of experience in travel law and have managed hundreds of legal cases. I can provide you extensive advice and successful legal representation.

Labor Law

Employees, as well as executives, require a lawyer experienced in labor law, be it for contract law before entering into employment or for litigation.

Building Law

Unfortunately, construction problems are common.
When they occur, you want to have an experienced lawyer at your side.
My first of many legal processes for construction defects began in 1993 for a damp cellar in a town house complex.

Public Law

For example, have you been invited to a construction negotiation or to a business case, should the land use plan be changed? Do you want to object to the plans? We will examine the documents and advise and represent you comprehensively in the public sector.

Family Law

Since 1986, I have been fighting for the well-being of my clients in disputed or consensual divorces, custody, alimony, visitation rights and other family matters.

Inheritance Law

The inheritance law changed in 2017.
We are happy to help you draft a will. We are also happy to check or revise your existing will? Did you receive a statutory share? Was it appropriate? Have you checked the will supplement or the deduction of gifts from your inheritance?


We also offer legal services for traffic accidents, damages for pain and suffering, representation for insurance claims and much more.



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