Personal understanding between you and me as your lawyer is the best prerequisite for your success and satisfaction. You should only hire me if you feel comfortable with me. That is why I would like to get to know you personally.


Why should you hire me?

As a client you can expect and will receive:


  • Rapid, personal handling of your affairs with extra special care
  • Clear risk assessment (evaluation of your chances)
  • Clear assessment of the cost risk
  • Empathy
  • Emotional support and relief in stressful situations
  • A case-by-case approach
  • Joint preparation of appointments
  • Wide range of legal approaches appropriate for the situation, e.g. aggressive, cautious or protracted
  • Cost conscious approach


Accuracy, absolute secrecy and service orientation are a matter of course.

What else do I offer?

Interdisciplinary knowledge, intuition, appreciation of good style, interest in history, music, art and culture, literature, cycling, mountain and motor sports and more.